Flickering lights? We can help with that

The flickering light mood-killer

Dimming lights

Ever sit in a restaurant or venue and take notice of the mood lighting on offer? Perhaps you may even notice the LED lighting flickering, especially at a dimmed level.

Kuro Bar and Dining

This is a problem that more or less affects all phase dimmed loads (i.e. where power and the dimming signal is transmitted over the same wires). Modern LEDs consume such little energy that small fluctuations in the power supply cause large fluctuations in lighting level/intensity (something that is particularly problematic when utilising Leading Edge Phase Cut dimming). These cannot be smoothed out like in the instance where were we would be dimming the older style 240v incandescent lamps, hence the flickering.

The good news is that there are a few ways to minimise the flickering. One way is to ensure that all LEDs are Trailing Edge Phase Cut dimmed compatible. Without bamboozling you too much with the technicalities, basically this means a smoother form of dimming with minimal to no noticeable flickering.

Automated can provide a wide range of control solutions to all project requirements where flickering is simply not an option.



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