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It’s our privilege to be a part of the amazing Australian healthcare system, a system that helps everyone across the board, no matter what the circumstances. Having played an integral role in the healthcare lighting industry for many decades, we understand a holistic client focused approach is required. The right lighting is in fact, part of the healthcare treatment for long term patients and staff including mood enhancement and Circadian Rhythm.

We are great listeners, offer onsite training and value client input.

A great example of our healthcare solution can be found at Thomas Holt Flame Tree, a residential aged care facility in South Sydney. Automated were commissioned to install smart Circadian (Rhythm) Lighting, known to produce better sleeping patterns, moods, and faster cognitive processing.

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Thomas Holt - Flame Tree

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We will help you design the perfect solution for both internal and external aesthetics.


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Shopping is a sensory experience. Shine the light and people will find the way.


Lighting is an integral part of the healthcare inc. mood enhancement and Circadian Rhythm.


Shine a light on every kick, hit, catch, and splash while you maintain Operational efficiency.


Work in harmony with your surroundings. Retrofit and Bespoke installations available.

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