Innovation is about transforming the familiar into the extraordinary.

At Automated, Integrated Lighting solutions are our passion. We love buzz words like smart, visionary, user-friendly, collaborative et al. because that’s exactly what we are known in the industry as providing. 

Writer Victor Hugo once said, “To love beauty is to see light” and we couldn’t agree more. Lighting is the soul of every design solution.

Automated also delivers customised solutions for these industries:


Design, Install, Maintain: Our 360-degree Commercial Solutions.


We will help you design the perfect solution for both internal and external aesthetics.


Lighting is more than just aesthetics in an educational environment. Learn how to Future proof for the students of tomorrow


Shopping is a sensory experience. Shine the light and people will find the way.


Lighting is an integral part of the healthcare inc. mood enhancement and Circadian Rhythm.


Shine a light on every kick, hit, catch, and splash while you maintain Operational efficiency.


Work in harmony with your surroundings. Retrofit and Bespoke installations available.

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Let the light shine

If you love beauty and would like to chat through any of the lighting solutions noted above, contact us today.


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