KNX; Interoperable Technology

Open protocol technology that brings building systems together


Adopted by Standards Australian, KNX is non manufacture specific, open protocol technology that brings building control systems together.  From the KNX website, integrators and contractors can build entire control solutions by bringing together a variety of off-the-shelf components which are truly interoperable

Automated is a very proud partner of KNX. We are experts with commissioning KNX equipment, with 3 Certified KNX programmers on our staff.  KNX Hardware currently available to purchase through our office include the K-Bus , Controllers and stylish Black Nova KeyPads. 


KNX Protocol has been adopted by Standards Australia as SA/SNZ ISO/IEC TS 14543.3.1-6:2018 Technical Specification

KNX is the world’s only open Standard for the control in both commercial and residential buildings

Provides a cost-effective and flexible solution for a wide range of different tasks in commercial and industrial buildings

KNX is used in a variety of different buildings, such as hospitals, commercial premises, banks, sports halls, administration buildings, museums, theatres, multipurpose facilities as well as detached houses and apartment buildings.

3rd Party interfaces are available for the system which includes connections to OPC, LON and BACnet networks

 We have three (3) Certified KNX program Professionals on our staff, available to expertly assist you.


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