Automated PerfectPlay

Shine the perfect light on every Play.


Automated PerfectPlay intelligent controls let you manage the lighting remotely, and adjust settings instantly for different sports. Cloud-based reporting provides ways to reduce energy cost and light pollution, while automatic fault notification and upgrades let you focus on managing your facility, not the lighting. 

The way you operate Automated PerfectPlay will really depend on your sports facility. We offer different user interfaces; panel, or BYO device.  Accessible anywhere with Cloud based UI. Each works with lighting of your choice.

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Automated PerfectPlay sport lighting provides great visibility and minimal glare.

Easily controlled using a smart device via an intuitive user interface.

Installed easily using existing cables (retrofit), the system is a sustainable choice to suit any sports venue. Low-maintenance LED floodlights save energy and are easy to service with remote (re)configurations. 

Limit lighting pollution through improved control of light spillage.

Intelligent reporting via energy usage insights from the cloud-hosted dashboard will improve efficiency and further reduce costs.

Cloud updates and new software features keep your sports lighting system up to date at minimal cost.


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