Doyle Park

Client: Doyle Park
Location: Parramatta, NSW

Project Details:


In a Sporting Nation like Australia, we take our love of the local game very seriously, and in turn, expect the facilities to equally live up to our high standards. The Paramatta Council municipality is home to many such facilities, with the largest being Doyle Park located in Macarthur Street Paramatta.

In May 2020, Automated Electrical Solutions was commissioned to supply an intelligent lighting control system that would deliver outstanding lighting solutions for all 10 sport fields at Doyle Park, fields that are utilised by the wider community for both fun and scheduled games such a soccer, hockey, AFL and cricket. The result must have one central control system to be managed remotely by the council staff. Further requirements included scene options that could cover training verses match lighting variants, dimming, security lighting and simplicity of user interface. Must be able to be scheduled and control all fields at Doyle Park simultaneously.

The Solution:

For Automated (AES), the solution was a no brainer. Automated PerfectPlay is an outstanding sports lighting solution, with light settings that cater to any sport and every sporting ability. It’s the industry leading LED flood lights that comply with international sports federation guidelines, so you know you are receiving a top world quality product.

Notable Features of PerfectPlay for Parramatta Council:

  • The system can be managed remotely (at the simple touch of a button) via a smart device such as phones and iPad. All ten fields are scheduled/controlled from one central location, allowing the council park rangers the flexibility required to manage the park lights eg dim lights or raise the lights depending on whether a game is being played or not. This also allows for increased security in the park, not just on the field, but also in surrounding areas such as car parks and playgrounds. A big win for park users.
  • LED floodlights are reputed to save energy and are easy to service thanks to the cloud. Firstly, the energy savings are two-fold; Smart LED lights improve the control of light spillage and secondly, the energy usage insights are provided to the user from the cloud-hosted dashboard. A great reduction in the council’s carbon footprint.
  • Another win for rate payers is that PerfectPlay is a future proof system with low-cost retro fit upgrades, which also means maintenance becomes as simple as regular software updates.
  • Council Staff did not require any technical or expensive (off-site) complicated training. We were able to provide smart updates, easily followed thanks to the user-friend interface
  • For the players using the sporting field, PerfectPlay lighting offers better vision through glare and shadow reduction, year-round comfort and ambience.

So impressed by the Automated PerfectPlay supply and commissioning were Parramatta Council, that AES have now gone on to complete many more projects together, such as ????? and ???? A great long-time relationship. Congratulations Parramatta Council of providing such outstanding facilities to the people of Parramatta and surrounds.

Further Case Studies

Further examples of Automated PerfectPlay installs can be found at Please contact our AES PerfectPlay Specialist, Eyas Alsmairat on 0447 234 487 to discuss in further details if required.


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