Smart Voice: the next generation of automation control


If you’re a child of the pre internet era, then no doubt you grew up watching the likes of The Jetsons cartoons and 2001: A space Odyssey; shows that made you daydream of having automated homes with appliances and draping’s controlled by voice commands. Now, you’re a fully grown adult who potentially owns their own four walls or manages commercial space where these features are at your fingertips, well actually, they are literally on the tip of your tongue.

They are available now and wonderfully, affordably life changing comforts.

Of course, you would have heard of smart speaker products powered by Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri. In fact, sales on these products are growing at a remarkable rate. According to expert and Yahoo Finance PRNewwire, Amazon’s offering is projected to sell more than 130 million units from 2020 to 2025 or in financial terms, that’s roughly a USD$20.72 billion market.

The Key consumers are not surprisingly, residential, and commercial users. But by commercial, we don’t just mean office board rooms; excitingly we are seeing an uptake of voice activation by Hotels, Medical, Sporting and Disability and Aged Care facilities. Celebrities used to be the only people who could afford such cool technology in their homes but thanks to mainstream developments, suburban Aussie homes are getting the Automated treatment.

The solution

Enter Smart Voice software by Smart Voice Services.

Smart Voice is the next generation of automation control, simplifying the user experience.

Currently, users need to ensure, for example, that the light switch is already switched on or the app/remote is ready. Smart Voice software removes the need for physical contact and can control almost any appliance in your smart home. It’s the gap in the market we have all been craving for, transforming our space into true futurist Jetson style automation.

Alexa, it’s family chill out time” = lowers the blinds, dim the lights, pump the AC, make a coffee or turn on the shower or the TV or the computer or the stereo or whatever it is that you are your family like to relax too. Joie de vivre

For Automated’s Professional lighting installers, Smart Voice is a game changer. Our partners have been able to boost their project quotations with this smile enhancing technology, as Smart Voice Cloud Platform supports connection with Schneider Electric products, Philips Dynalite, Airtopia, Nero, including C-Bus Wiser2, NAC, SHAC, Push(+), Hotel Room Controller (HRC) and KNX. And Voice Assistants Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Siri.

How does it work?

In short, the Smart Voice cloud platform connects the back-end automation systems with the front-end voice assistants. It brings everything together with one simple Voice Assistant. The aim of the platform is to connect hardware which could not otherwise connect to a voice assistant.

The software is cloud based so you can control the TV, the blinds, the coffee machine, the shower, play music etc by voice command. The cloud platform translates the command, connects to the network, and relays the commend to the controller. The controller responds and the action takes place. It’s simple and extremely effective.

So, what now? “Alexa, call Automated Electrical Solutions immediately”.


Please contact our AES Voice Control Specialist, Ben Starr on 1300 396 254 to discuss in further details if required.



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