The technology transformation at Thomas Holt Flame Tree

Thomas Holt Flame Tree is the new Residential Aged Care project at Kirrawee which backs onto the Sydney Sandstone Gully Forest and Oyster Creek. 

The centerpiece of Thomas Holt’s transformation was the technology founded on personal connections between both the members and staff working with ease, security, and comfort of the elderly residents. A lighting scheme that is merely standards-compliant may be functional and efficient to work together with entertainment systems provided throughout the facilities.

At Flame Tree, each room is supplied with a tablet device so residents and their families can access entertainment systems, the nurse call, telephony, point of sale, security, access control and other electronic infrastructure to facilitate real time updates on our resident’s care needs and experiences.

A facility platform called Human Centric Lighting (Circadian Rhythm), which has scientific evidence that lighting does much more than simply provide illumination in every part of the facility can connect the residents, to make them feel better in a day to day activities. These lights which can be color adjusted to encourage melatonin production to induce sleep at night or suppress melatonin production it to induce alertness in the morning.

The Philips Dynalite system has been commissioned to provide 4 x recipes called profiles, the lights follow the profile of colour temperature and intensity, the profile is selected by the health care professional for each patient which plays a big impact on the end user is the use of Human Centric Lighting which uses tunable white LED light to mimic the diurnal shift in the colour temperature of daylight.

The body relies on this daily shift from between warm to cool light to entrain neurotransmitter production, particularly melatonin and serotonin, which regulate sleep and alertness. Circadian lighting replicates this natural cycle in the member ’s room, which is beneficial to those with limited mobility and daylight access, reducing demand for sleep-and mood-regulating medications.

Compensating for the biologically active effects of insufficient daylight exposure and thereby stabilize the sleep-wake rhythm. This may lead to more restorative sleep and thus ultimately improve the mental and emotional condition. May also positively affect agitation, eating habits and communication, at the same time lighting can make the atmosphere calm (easier to rest) or more energetic (easier to rehabilitate).



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