Providing a complete end to end lighting control solution

Providing a complete end to end lighting control solution, Automated have incorporated DALI lighting control and DALI emergency monitoring throughout the site from the public concourse areas through to all platforms at a major milestone for Sydney and for Transport for NSW, the sculpture Interloop provides an important legacy, helping to maintain and celebrate the historic identity of the city, while also looking to its future.

Interloop, by artist Chris Fox, hangs from Wynyard station ceiling, hovering above the escalators that travel underground from York Street. The vast twisting accordion-shaped sculpture reconfigures the heritage escalators that once stood there in a stitched form.

The sculpture aims to evoke memories of passengers and modes of travel from the past while conjuring complimentary ideas of journey and travel, start and finish, here and there, as well as past and future.

The RAPIX Lighting Control System design compliments the standard and removes hardware requirements and system layers through native Ethernet command transportation, ensuring things happen quickly, securely and is ready for the future.

RAPIX Emergency is the intelligent DALI Emergency Lighting Monitoring System with One Click commissioning. Emergency lighting illuminates essential work areas and escape routes when the power to normal lighting fails. It is a complete emergency monitoring solution that is simple to use, provides ease of operation and ensures compliance obligations are fulfilled.

Project Collaboration:

Artist: Chris Fox

Photography: Josh Raymond Chris Fox

Video: David Varga

Architect: COX Architecture

Electrical Contractor: Novo Rail Alliance

Lighting Control Tech: Phillip Gouveia.



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