Illuminating Barangaroo – A Visionary Project

In terms of development, you can barely escape hearing about the Barangaroo project, which is set to redefine the Western waterfront edge of Sydney’s harbour.

Self dubbed as one of the most ambitious urban renewal projects in the world today, it’s a 22 hectare, $6 Billion precinct that will be a bright jewel shining in Sydney that will draw worldwide attention.

Barangaroo Meaning

Barangaroo was the name of the second wife of Bennelong, who was a man of the Eora people. She was described by the first settlers as a person with great authoirty and presence.

Barangaroo travelled the waters of Port Jackson with other women of her clan on bark canoes, in which they lit fires on clay pads to keep warm and cook. She was also highly skilled at fishing, swimming and diving, making her a main food provider.

Barangaroo South

Barangaroo South is set to be the residential and commercial heart of Barangaroo, developed by Lend Lease. The 7.5 hectare site will be a key financial centre in the Asia Pacific region and provide an exciting new residential, retail and commercial precinct.

It aims to be Australia’s first carbon neutral precinct, setting the standard for environmental and social sustainability.

There will be 3 towers for commercial office space in the South precinct, and will also feature residential apartments, shops, cafes, cultural facilities and Australia’s very first 6 star hotel.

Over 50% of Barangaroo South precinct will be devoted to useable public space, including an urban car park, waterfront plaza, harbour cover, public pier, waterfront promenade and much more.

These spaces will cater for a workforce for an impressive 23,000+ people, around 2,000 residents and are estimating to receive 20 million visitors a year.

Automated Involvement

Automated took on the daunting challenge of providing it’s automation services as part of the Barangaroo development project head on. Such a large scale project required a next level commitment, and Automated assigned it’s best project team to handle the planning, supply and programming of the required electrical automation. Contracted to supply and program the lighting automation for the main Barangaroo Car Park and public domain, Automated had put forward and is implementing a state of the art solution using Philips Dynalite technology.

Barangaroo 2011
Barangaroo 2012
Barangaroo 2013
Barangaroo 2014

A breakdown of the work performed by Automated:

The Barangaroo Basement, Car Park and Public Precincts incorporate over 600 motion sensors, 25 Dali Universes, 240 Relay channels, 19 Dynet networks, 1000 BacNet points and 2 IP gateways all pulled together by Dynalite’s Envision Manager Software and integrated to an OBSI system to achieve the following:

  • Light level management of access and egress ramps
  • Motion sensing and timers for control of drive path lighting
  • Motion sensing and timers for control light usage on parking bays
  • Motion sensing, switches and timers for control of storage and utility areas
  • Ballast, globe and power usage reporting for a proactive maintenance scheduling
  • Ballast, globe and power failure reporting for reactive maintenance procedures
  • Headend computer for holistic control and overrides
  • All to be delivered on time and on budget.

Working on a project with such a high profile and visibility such as Barangaroo can be demanding, intimidating and challenging. However, I don’t see this as a negative – I see our company continually pushing boundaries and answering the call to such challenges. In doing so, we continue to grow positively and deliver new and exciting solutions and innovations.- Joe Joukhadar, Director.

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