Fat Boy Izakaya

Client: Bye Wongchindawest
Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Project Details:


Fat boy Izakaya, a must-try in Bangkok, serving authentic Japanese- style bites and spirits. In order to enhance the restaurant ambiance and aesthetic appeal, it underwent 13 months through a lighting control system renovation.

The Solution:

In our role, collaborating with Infusion lightning designers, MTM Design Co., and various lighting equipment providers, to achieve the goal. Our objective: seamlessly integrate a Philips Dynalite system and optimize the restaurant’s existing lighting scenes and levels for both ambiance and energy efficiency.

Here’s how we help light up the dining experience:

  • Removed the existing non-functioning lighting control system and replacing it with Philips Dynalite
  • Reprogrammed existing lighting scenes and levels, along with introducing new ones like “Day,” “Evening,” “Night,” and “Late Night.” This allowed for individual control of previously grouped circuits and automated scene transitions throughout the year.
  • Utilized an astrological timeclock, the system seamlessly adapted to sunset changes, eliminating the need for manual adjustments by staff.

Additionally, MTM Design Co. played a crucial role in ensuring the new lighting control system complemented the restaurant’s interior design. They provided custom lanterns, accent lighting, and even unique Astroboy-inspired 8-bit pixel artwork, resulting in a truly immersive dining environment.

Through collaborative efforts, we ensured a smooth transition and successful implementation of the new lighting system. This not only enhanced the dining experience at Fat Boy Izakaya but also solidified its position as a leader in Bangkok’s hospitality industry.


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