Aesops Greek Restaurant

Client: John & Erin Gamvros
Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Project Details:


Situated on the 25th floor of Column Tower, this venue offers breathtaking views of the Bangkok skyline, making it the perfect destination for any special occasion. Moreover, with a tantalizing array of high-quality Greek cuisine and an extensive selection of spirits to cater to every palate, Aesops Greek Restaurant will be a worth place to choose for a remarkable dining experience.

In 2023, we collaborated with Infusion’s lighting design to complete this project.

The Solution:

Our role in this project involved providing on-site support and supplying and programming an advanced Philips Dynalite lighting automation control system.

Notable features of the project:

  • Dynamic Lighting: Utilizing DMX technology, our lighting system smoothly transitions between different times of the day, seamlessly connecting the indoor dining area and the outdoor terrace. This enhances the allure of the sky view, providing an enchanting atmosphere for dinners.
  • Varied Lighting Intensities: The Philips Dynalite system offers varied lighting intensities in distinct zones, catering to the ambiance of Greek dining during quieter moments and transforming into a lively party atmosphere as the night progresses. This flexibility ensures that the lighting perfectly complements the mood of the occasion.
  • Automated Lighting Scenes: Throughout the day, automated lighting scenes are triggered to adapt to changing environmental conditions and customer preferences. This ensures a consistent and enjoyable dining experience for guests, whether they visit during daylight hours or in the evening.

The successful completion of the Aesops Greek Restaurant project has solidified our company’s presence and capabilities in the Thai market, despite the linguistic challenges. We extend our profound gratitude once again to Spencer Baxter for his trust and for providing us with the opportunity to showcase our expertise in supply, communication, and project support.

Moreover, we are excited to announce that this project has been published in ARC Magazine. To learn more about this remarkable venture, please visit


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