Maitland Riverlink

Client: Maitland Council
Location: Maitland NSW

Project Details:

Our technician Tevita Vave did an incredible job supplying and programming of the Philips Dynalite. It’s not just brilliant from the street, the interior environment is really well thought through.

The Riverlink Building in The Levee has officially been opened, providing a gateway to the Hunter River from the city centre.

The space acts as a kind of ‘public living room’ for the community, reactivating an unused part of town and drawing locals back to the river that is a fundamental part of Maitland’s heritage, whilst bringing tourists and visitors to the town. In recent years, rural Maitland’s town centre had turned its back on the river, disconnecting it from its main commercial and community activities. A series of devastating floods meant locals no longer see the river as an asset, but as a threat to the community.


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